Sunday, April 17, 2011

Retro-vating the refrigerator

So how do you make a new refrigerator look like it should be in a 1958 trailer? You retro-vate it. And who better than to take on this task than Steve, a master retro-vator. Here is a picture of the new fridge and the original unit, which was an ice box not an electric fridge.

First he took the door off and made a wood frame.

Then he added aluminum trim.

Next, the trickiest part, how to make a new door that would looked appropriate. Here is the back of the new door.

He had to cut, hack, and chisel the plastic door insert off the new fridge.

Next, he put this piece on the wood door.

Next, he added aluminum trim and rubber gasket.

Next, he installed the refrigerator into the trailer and attached the door. He used the original hardware from the ice box. It looks awesome!!!


Sunday, April 10, 2011

To cabinetry and beyond!

We started building the cabinets in the trailer this weekend. It is so fun to watch it come back to life. Here is the kitchen area before.

Next we started on the kitchen base cabinets.

Then we added some upper cabinets.

Here is the front of the trailer before.

Then after.

Cool speaker covers.

Then some lights.

Next the closet...before.

Closet after.

Light in back over bed.

Next added the backsplash.

We got a great deal done this weekend but there is still a ton to do before it is ready for its maiden voyage. Next on the agenda is cabinet doors and all the finish trim. I have to start on the dinette seats, and we should get the counter top and table done in the next couple of weeks.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Finally coming out of hibernation!

After birthday celebrations, babies arriving (first grandchild...yay!) and general crappy weather, we were finally able to work on the trailer again today. We started by putting in the last three windows. So the trailer is no longer blind on the driver's side.

Fear not all loyal followers, we know the wheels are ugly and they soon will be a nice yellow to match the trailer (when it is painted too). Oh and there are a few pieces of drip cap and drip rail missing, but we ran out of butyl and had to order more.

Next we tackled  the cool logo decals that we had made at A to Z Signs in Boring, OR. These are identical replicas of the ones that were originally on the trailer. The guys at A to Z did a great job. Don't they look awesome!

Check out our cool retro winged side markers. There were originally two models of Westerner trailers, the Deluxe and the Pony Express. Ours was a Deluxe and we had those logos replicated also.

One last new thing to show off...the new marmoleum floor. It looks great!

Now it is time to start rebuilding the interior, cabinets, plumbing, lighting, stereo, upholstery, etc. Still lots to do, but were are having a great time!