Saturday, June 11, 2011

Little by little.......

We are making progress! It often seems like it's progressing at a snails pace, but between our jobs, families (new granddaughter - Yay!), life in general, and maintaining two houses there just isn't as much time to work on the trailer as we would like. I (Steve) have set a personal goal to be pretty much finished with maybe a few loose ends by June 31.  Since our last post Jeanne has made curtains which look really nice contrasted next to the Cherry interior.

We got the cabinet doors made, made the drawer boxes and got them installed, installed the doors with cool retro looking hinges, and installed knobs. One of the parts that we have enjoyed during this whole project has been the process of finding and selecting what we think are the perfect parts and pieces that fit the theme and era of our trailer. Case in point was the cabinet knob selection. We looked at several places and online and found several ones that were okay and would have been fine - but none that really grabbed us. We were at Home Depot and out of the main line of sight Jeanne spotted a knob in the special order area. I had walked by the same spot numerous times an had not noticed this particular knob. As soon as we saw it we were like "That's perfect!" I know - we get excited about such things. We're dorks!

Here are a couple of shots of the cabinets.

The closet area was originally open top to bottom but I added two large drawers at the bottom leaving room at the top for shirts, coats, etc.

We have also been working on the plumbing and wiring. We will post some pictures of our progress in a later post. There is still much to do before we can take it on it's maiden voyage - But I'm optimistic my timeline goal is do-able!