Monday, July 11, 2011

I see light at the end of the tunnel!

We have had many interruptions this spring that have caused Steve's goal of June 30 for completion of the trailer to come and go. But things are coming along and I think by the end of July we will probably be done except for little decorating details.This weekend the trailer had its first trip off the property. Its first journey was to the tire store for some desperately needed new tires.

The wiring is nearly completion and all that is left to do is mount the battery and get that hooked up. The plumbing is pretty much done too, with the exception of the faucet which will go in this next weekend. Here is a picture of the fresh water tank, pump and some of the wiring. These are located under the bed.

Small trailers need creative use of space. So we placed the microwave under the bed too.

This weekend we got two tasks completed that we were kind of dreading...painting the trailer and upholstering the dinette seats. I have been sewing practically since I was born, but had never tackled an upholstery project like this. I bought some cheap vinyl to do a practice run and found lots of tricks and ways to make things look better by doing that. We used the original seat frames and hinges, but decided to go with foam instead of the original springs. Here are all the parts I need.

I put the foam on the frames and rounded the front edges of the foam with an electric knife. Then I covered them in batting.

And here the first seat is complete and in the trailer...yay!!

While I was working on this Steve was working on the painting. He first laid the old aluminum siding out so that he could get paint lines in the correct place. Then he started taping off the area.

 Then came the masking.

Then the painting began.

And with paint finished.

We still need to add the silver pin stripe tape that finishes off the paint detail. We are using the vintage cooler that is on the tongue as the battery box.

And finally a picture of one of the distractions that has slowed us down...Gemma the new grandbaby.

This next weekend we will get the counter top, sink, faucet, and table top in.


  1. Looks fabulous!

    What brand and type of exterior paint did you use?


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    1. We used single stage automotive paint. I think it was PPG.

  3. Hi there! I just bought a 1957 Westerner, and I'm looking for the stencil for the outside? The one with the little cowboy and lasso, that says 'The Westerner'. Any ideas on where I could find such a thing?

    1. Our friend traced it and we took it to our local sign guy and he made the decals for us. He still has the logo on file and can make you the decals if you like. We never located any info on decals or logos for the Westerners in our search that is why we had to trace it ourselves. The sign guys is A to Z signs in Boring Oregon. 503-663-7183

  4. I see you redid your seats in foam what did you do with the spring seat frames? i have 56 westerner no seat frames or hinges. David

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