Friday, November 12, 2010

The new siding is on!!!

Last weekend we took on the siding. it was quite a task with just two people, but in the end we prevailed.

Here is the first piece.

The first side done, complete with child sized door.

The other side complete (sorry trailer is too close to wall for a good shot).

 Here is a shot of the back. Check out the cool 1950 Pontiac tail lights.

Here it is all complete except the last piece on the front that needs to get cut around the tongue.

You may have notice there are no window holes, except the one in the front. We have decided windows are highly overrated, and since I resigned from my position as window cleaner/polisher/restorer we won't be having any...kidding. We will cut each hole out and install the window as I get them done. This pictures shows how funny it looks to go inside the trailer and see siding out the window holes.

Here is a pile of tinsel. Well actually it is what is created when you trim tiny bits off the edge of the siding.

Not sure what this weekend will bring. We may work on installing the new glass and glass seal, and getting the windows back together, at which point I may be able to reclaim my kitchen, office, guest room, and garage. A person can dream can't they! 

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