Sunday, April 17, 2011

Retro-vating the refrigerator

So how do you make a new refrigerator look like it should be in a 1958 trailer? You retro-vate it. And who better than to take on this task than Steve, a master retro-vator. Here is a picture of the new fridge and the original unit, which was an ice box not an electric fridge.

First he took the door off and made a wood frame.

Then he added aluminum trim.

Next, the trickiest part, how to make a new door that would looked appropriate. Here is the back of the new door.

He had to cut, hack, and chisel the plastic door insert off the new fridge.

Next, he put this piece on the wood door.

Next, he added aluminum trim and rubber gasket.

Next, he installed the refrigerator into the trailer and attached the door. He used the original hardware from the ice box. It looks awesome!!!



  1. That is awesome!!!!! Thanks for the how to :)

  2. is that a 110v fridge?or is it a three way?

  3. Wow. I am so impressed with that refrigerator! He has great skills!

  4. Nice work, but is there any insulation in that door other than the wood backing the door liner?

  5. Yes, all insulation that was originally on the door is still there.

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