Friday, October 1, 2010

The exterior tear down

A couple of weeks went by and a brief vacation, of which we spent a bulk of the time discussing, designing and brainstorming about how we wanted to restore the trailer. We got home from our trip on Friday afternoon about one and by four we began the process of disassembling the trailer. On Friday we got the windows out, the door off and the drip rail off the edge. Saturday we took the siding off, removed the walls and took the paneling off the walls. We found much more damage to the sub structure than we anticipated, but it was nothing that couldn’t be fixed.  Sunday we spend repairing all the damage to the sub structure. On Monday, I took up the layers of linoleum and cleaned the sub floor, which was actually in really good shape.

  Not much left of the framing around the cargo doors. 

 We expected damage on this side because the siding was all caved in.

 This side had lots of damage too.

 Rear framing gone now. Braced the walls to get the rest of the roof off.

 And then there was nothing left but the floor. Looks so small...oh is small!

 Passenger wall before removing the plywood.

With the plywood off you can see all the damage around the bottom and around the front window. 

Framing is all fixed now. We used pocket screws instead of the staples that were originally used. Makes the structure a bit more stable. 

You can see how deteriorated the wood at the bottom of the walls was.

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