Friday, October 1, 2010

The trailer gets some radical cosmetic surgery.

One week after dragging the trailer home, we completely gutted it. I know you are probably wondering why we gutted it before dealing with the title, but we were roofing Steve’s garage and had a dumpster at the house and decided this was good incentive to get rid of the yucky, stinky interior. Plus because you have to take the trailer to the DMV for a VIN inspection, we thought we might get a more favorable response if it didn't smell so bad :) Here are a few pictures of what remains in the trailer. 

 Looking back at the cargo doors. The framing was completely rotten around these. 

Looking towards the front. Lots of water damage.

Looking towards the back. The appliances were all in remarkably good shape. However we won't be reinstalling either the ice box (I need a real refrigerator), or the oven (did anyone ever really use this???).

We found all kinds of interesting things during the demo. This was Steve's personal favorite. LOL!!

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