Monday, October 25, 2010

We have really I know I said this before, but now we have walls on the trailer (whew that was a long title!)

So aside from polishing a mountain of aluminum, which by the way never seems to get smaller, we have made more progress on the trailer. Our friend Jan, who is restoring the same trailer that we are, graciously donated her Saturday to help us get the trailer back together again. I think she was happy to leave her mountain of aluminum behind for a day:) We appreciate her help immensely and will be there to help get hers back together when the time comes. We also owe a BIG thanks to Greg, Steve's neighbor, who graciously cleared out some space in his awesomely huge workshop so we could work on the trailer indoors.

This is what the trailer looked like Saturday morning...not much of a trailer.

Steve fabricated some supports to hold the walls up and keep them straight and they worked wonderfully. Drum roll please....may I present to you wall number one. Okay I know not much to you, but huge to us.

Now we have two walls.

Next came the front.

This is the roof. The original roof was really saggy and so Steve decided to reinforce the roof braces with angle iron. Worked like a charm, the roof is rock solid now.

This is what we had at the end of Sunday. Now that looks like a trailer again. 

This is a picture of the interior looking towards the back. Notice the pretty cherry paneling.

Looking towards the front.

A very productive weekend!!! Now back to my aluminum polishing...heavy sigh! Next weekend we will start the wiring. 

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  1. Wow! It's beautiful! You guys sure make a good team. It's been fun watching your progress. Better you than me :)