Monday, October 4, 2010

The title revisited

As I noted in an earlier post, trying to secure a title for our trailer has turned into an adventure. Some adventures are fun and exhilarating and create wonderful, positive, life long memories. While other adventure…well for lack of a better term…suck! Unfortunately, this adventure falls in the latter category. 

Steve made it back to the DMV on Friday and was excited to see the lady that had given him the glimmer of hope was working. He was next in line and decided that if his number was called and she wasn’t available he would ask to wait for her. Just as his number was called…she went on a break…of course she did, remember this is an adventure. So he was forced to go to another agent. Here is a condensed version of how that transaction went.

Steve: I am here to get a title for a trailer that I purchased. I completed all the paperwork, I needed and am back to submit it.

Surly DMV Woman (feverishly rifling through Steve’s paperwork): But you don’t have a title, I can’t help you if you don’t have a title. 

Steve: (Thought bubble…DUH, I know I don’t have a title that is why I am here!!!)

Steve (taking a deep breath): I came and had a VIN search earlier, I have my bill of sale, and I filled out the support paperwork and I need to submit it.

Surly DMV Woman: But you don’t have a title so I can’t do anything for you.

Steve (trying hard to keep himself from reaching across the counter and strangling Surly DMV Woman):  I was here last week and spoke to the NICE woman that just left for her break and she told me to return with these documents and then you could submit them for review.

Surly DMV Woman (calling out to her supervisor): Could you come over here, this man doesn’t have a title.

Supervisor (looking through Steve’s paperwork): He has all the right paperwork, and now we just need to submit it for review.

Surly DMV Woman (panicked because this new revelation has rocked her belief in at that is right in the world): But what code do I use, there isn’t a code for this.

Supervisor: Use this code.

Surly DMV Woman (looking at Steve): Oh, I guess we can do that.

Steve: (Thought bubble…you are freaking brilliant) Thank you.

So now we wait. The supervisor said it could take 2-3 weeks to hear back as to weather they will grant us a title. Everyone keep your fingers crossed!

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