Friday, October 1, 2010

Now...tackling the title issue.

We found that it depended on who you talked to at the DMV as to how daunting this task would be. The first DMV official told us that we had to donate a kidney, sign over our house, and make them cookies weekly for life. The second person was a bit more sympathetic to our plight and made the process a bit easier, however she did have an issue that we had a bill of sale for a 1956 Westerner and we wanted to title it as the correct year of 1958. She said if we could get a new bill of sale from the previous owner that it would expedite the process. Luckily, we saved the contact info for the previous owner, called her up and she was more than happy to get us a new bill of sale. So we now have the new bill of sale and have to get down to the DMV again to get the process started. What a pain!!!! I am not sure I would buy another trailer without a title. After reading many of the posts on Repairing Yesterday's Trailers most people advise against buying a trailer with no title. Live and learn!

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