Wednesday, October 6, 2010

We have walls!

Okay so they are not on the trailer yet...but we have walls!

We were going to try to sandblast the tongue of the trailer this weekend and get it all ready for gorgeousness but had a couple of issues with the sandblaster, not the least of which it is MESSY! Steve tried it out on his ‘48 Ford and that is as far as we got. Here is a picture of Steve sandblasting. Dig the bee keeper head gear. 
Despite the fiasco with the sandblaster, we did manage to get the paneling on the walls. We decided to use cherry paneling in our renovation. Most of the trailers of that era used birch paneling and applied amber colored shellac for a very warm (yellow) look. We decided to be different and use cherry. Here is a picture of the first finished wall. The cherry paneling is on both ends and in the middle where is looks slightly different we used birch. The reason for this is that the kitchen covers the whole area where the birch is, and birch is less expensive than cherry. Originally in the kitchen area they used ugly pressed board. 

 Here is the second wall. You can see the difference between the birch and cherry a bit more in this photo. On this wall the closet goes where the birch is.

  I don't know what we will get done this weekend. Steve needs to get his dad's Model A painted on Saturday. His dad it hot rodding a 1929 Model A. They are painting it bright red. It is going to be really cool. I may be stuck polishing aluminum all weekend.


  1. I just acquired an old Westerner Gem, I trailered it home a few weeks ago and started the demo today, Im inspired to see your progress, I do a lot of custom woodworking, and am entertaining the idea of doing this one as a woody, with the original aluminum wrap around front top and back.

  2. Fun!!! What a fun idea to do it as a woody. Would love to see pictures.